Thursday, September 12, 2013

Balloon Experiments

I have made Thursday's our Project Learn and Grow day where we always do a science experiment. the kids love experiments so this is the funniest day for them.  Today we had fun with balloons so we raced balloons and made a balloon hovercraft.

Balloon Racers


All you need is
  • String
  • Straws
  • Balloons
  • Tape
We just tied one side of the string to a chair and put a straw through it and then tied the other end of the string to another chair.  We blew up the balloon and taped it to the straw.  We held the end of the balloon and let go to see who's balloon won.  In this lesson the kids learned about force.

Balloon Hovercraft

All you need is
  • CD
  • Balloon 
  • Any glue that glues to plastic
  • Sport bottle cap
We glued the sport bottle cap to the cd and let that dry.  When it's all done we blew up the balloon and attached it to the water bottle cap.  Then we let go and watched it hover on the table.  It's really hard to see so we tilted the table and watched it glide down.  In this lesson the kids learned about friction.
The kids love balloons, science, and anything that makes them say wow so this was a big hit with them.

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