Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letter B

Today the kids learned about the letter B.  They made a bee from the letter B which the kids loved.

 We just glued wings and yellow and black strips of paper onto the letter.  I just let them use their imagination and put the strips wherever they wanted too.  They loved this since it was a little more creative then just putting strips of paper onto a paper bee.
The next activity was making caterpillars and ladybugs.  They love bugs and these two bugs are some of their favorites.

 We cut out a bunch of different colored circles and they glued each on together and put legs and eyes on it.  For the ladybugs we just cut out two red circles one big and one small.  Then we glued the little one to the big one making a head connected to the body.  We then drew a face and the wings on it.  The caterpillar activity was fun cause Cody kept telling me how caterpillars become butterflies. He remembers everything he hears on Wild Kratts.

  We also did a shapes activity.  I had some pieces of papers with different shapes on them and the kids went around the house looking for items that match those shapes.
The boys had a lot of fun and when they were all done we went outside and looked for bugs which ended up them playing in their sandbox.

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