Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Donuts and Dinosaurs

Letter D Donuts

The letter D is one of the funniest letters for my kids.  We worked with donuts and dinosaurs and had a blast.  We got a bunch of donut holes and put them all around the letter D and then we ate a few after we were done.
I let the boys pick out their favorite donut and on the way home they couldn't help but to eat them.  Cody took bites out of his so it formed the letter D.
Dinosaur Footprints
All you need:

  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Dinosaurs
We just dipped the dinosaurs feet in paint and put the feet on the paper.  The kids got too much paint on the feet so there are some big footprints, but after putting the dinosaurs feet on the paper a few times they formed some good prints.
I forgot how much they like dinosaurs so now I want plan a trip to the Dinosaur Museum that is near us.
Shapes, Stickers, and Dinosaur Cards
We also did an activity on shapes.  They just stuck stickers all around the different shapes.  Cody wanted some shapes to have more stickers then other shapes.  While we were doing that I got the dinosaur cards and read them all of the fun information about the different dinosaurs to them.

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