Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Giraffes and Ghosts

Letter G- Making giraffes out of a hand print

All You Need:
  • Paint
  • Paper
My kids love paint.  It's not my favorite item to be played with, but sometimes I allow it so they can be happy.  Cody's favorite animal is a giraffe so I thought this would be a perfect activity for them.  We got some paint that we wanted for the giraffe and dipped our hand in it.  Put the hand print on the paper so the fingers turn into the legs of the giraffe.  For the the neck of the giraffe we just drew with the index finger a line and put our thumbprint as the head.  Then we got the dots and dipped the tip of our finger in gold paint and made dots all over the giraffe.  Finish it up with some eyes, ears, and let it dry.

Cotton balls and Ghosts

All You Need:
  • Paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue

It's Halloween time so we made ghosts.  The kids loved these and they played around the house for a long time with them.  I cut a ghost shape out of white paper and the kids glued cotton balls all over the paper.  Then we took black foam paper, but regular black paper could also be used and we made eyed and a mouth and it turned into a ghost.  Such a simple activity that kids will love making and playing with.  

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