Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elephants and Counting Candy Corn

Letter E
All you need

  • Paper Bag
  • Blue, white, and brown construction paper
We did the letter E today.  We started out tracing the letter E and then we made these elephant puppets. I cut out the ears, trunk, and eyes for the elephant.  The boys glued on everything and it was done.  A hand puppet elephant that the kids love to chase each other with.
Counting Candy Corn
All you need

  • Orange and white paper
  • Candy corn

Since it's October I wanted to do a simple Halloween counting activity.  I just cut orange pumpkins out of paper and glued them to the white paper.  Then I decorated it so they looked like pumpkins and put numbers on them.  We just did 1-6, but next time I think I will do 11-20.  Cody is really good at 1-10.  I just wanted to see how they liked this activity.  They loved it especially since there was candy involved.  Candy Corn Men
All you need

  • White, orange, yellow, and brown paper
  • Glue

I cut a big candy corn shape out of the brown paper and drew 2 lines on it to have an outline of candy corn.  Then we ripped up the yellow, orange, and white paper.  the kids glued the little pieces of paper all over the brown paper to look like candy corn.  I cut out 2 stripes of brown paper and folded it like and accordion for the legs and arms.  Then I cut out some hands, feet and eyes that the kids glued on.  With everything all glued on it they turned out like candy corn men.

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